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We want Obyte wallets being used widely by as many people as possible. This comes from Metcalfe's law, namely that the effect of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system.[1]

Of course, the more popular Obyte is, the more people see or hear about it in videos, articles, video games and general conversation, the more users there will be, and the more the $GBYTE value will tend to rise.

Marketing Obyte

This section is to be created another day.

Distributing wallets and Bytes

Direct people to www.obyte.org to download a platform. Also see the website for details of top-down ongoing distribution campaigns.

Getting people to USE their wallets

This section is to be mainly created another day.

Transaction fees

In order to do anything much with your Obyte platform, you at least need enough for transaction fees to send tokens. Sometimes it is tricky for a new person to get any Bytes, although enough to send transactions are not expensive. From the glossary:

TRANSACTION FEE: The fee you pay is identical to the size of the data you want stored. So a storage unit that takes up 18,000 Bytes in the distributed Obyte database will cost 18,000 (white)Bytes to send there. Currently a usual transaction fee is maybe 500 Bytes, with a blackBytes fee being maybe 1000 Bytes or so. If 1GB = $750, then 1MB = $0.75, and 1KB (1000 Bytes) = $0.00075. So that's less than 1/10 cent US.

Sending rapid transactions

If you are at a meet-up, with ten people around you all presenting their Receive QR codes, and you want to give each one their promised 100,000 Bytes, you need to have prepared beforehand. Be aware how change addresses work, otherwise you might have to wait 10 minutes between each transaction, which would be a disaster at a meet-up promoting Obyte. So, before the meet-up, use the Receive tab and the multi-address function as detailed in that Change_address article.

How to get 10,000 to 100,000 Bytes

This is enough to send up to 200 Obyte transactions, but 100,000 Bytes is less than 10 cents US!

The methods below will not scale to thousands of new users a day. But currently, Spring 2018, it is tricky for a new person without an existing Exchange account to obtain even a few cents' worth of Bytes.

From the WCG linking bot

This is the World Community Grid linking bot in your wallet. The payout rate is set at $1.00 (in Bytes) for every 150,000 points. It is not much, and you are not supposed to make a profit by participating in WCG. It is just a recognition of your contribution to WCG projects that doesn’t cover even electricity costs. For new users, it is also a way to get some initial amount of Bytes, at least to be able to pay transaction fees, without having to register at exchanges and buy anything.[2]

Also see the WCG distribution wiki article.

From a friend

This is the easiest way, whether the friend is present or remote. Includes local meet-ups for small groups.

  • In person: Someone with an Obyte wallet on their smartphone is right there with you. You download and install a platform, click the Receive tab to display the QR code, and your friend instantly transfers the Bytes to you.
  • Remote: Download/install the platform. Click the Receive tab, copy your payment address, message it to the friend via email or some other app. Your friend simply sends the Bytes to that address.
  • Textcoins: If immediate transfer of Bytes to your wallet is not possible, at least the friend can send you a textcoin via email or other texting app. You can then import the Bytes into your wallet when online again.

From a stranger on social media

These are just Obyte fans willing to respond to a dozen or so requests. For example, Slackjore tweeted:

I will send between 110,000 and 10,000 #[Obyte] Bytes to the first 100 byte-poor people to reply with an address. Once per person please.[3]

To keep track of the 100, the first response received 110,000 Bytes, the second 109,000 Bytes, and so on. He sometimes checked the address given to make sure the person qualified as "byte-poor", but even if they were dishonest the amounts involved were so small that it didn't matter much.

If any Obyte fans are willing to do this sort of thing, contact @slackjore to get included below.


  • Any offers?


  • Any offers?


  • Any offers?


  • @slackjore: Tweet @slackjore if you are byte-poor to get between 63,000 and 10,000 Bytes (54 slots left out of the original 100).
  • Any other offers?

Online from a regular merchant

This category is for Obyte fans who already have an online store with merchant software in place to process fiat payments by credit card, PayPal etc. They may or may not currently accept crypto payments. The idea is for the merchant to sell 100,000 Bytes for $1 or £1 or €1 as a small sideline to his regular business, simply to help get Obyte into wider use. The Bytes can be delivered to the buyer's Obyte address or sent as a textcoin, as appropriate.

Such stores will be gladly listed here:

  • (Example) Pete's T-Shirts: www.petes-tees.fake. 100KB for $1.00. Mohair T-shirts for men, women, children, and pets.
  • Any offers?

By mail from an Obyte fan

An Obyte fan makes a mailing address available to be posted here at least. Someone mails $1 or £1 or €1 CASH along with their Obyte address (such as JARJFJ6SKDC2XGLX2XSNMIITAVRDEW2R). He sends the 100,000 Bytes within 24 hours. $1 or £1 is not too much for the sender to risk, and the Obyte fan providing the service makes a few bucks in his spare time.

  • (Example) Mike Westin: 3016A Burlington Way, Los Angeles CA 90023 (fake address). $1 CASH for 100,000 Bytes. Enclose your Obyte address (such as JARJFJ6SKDC2XGLX2XSNMIITAVRDEW2R).
  • Any offers?

From an online faucet

This could happen, and an automated system scales much better than a human one. One problem is to make it fraud-proof. 100,000 Bytes isn't much, but if a scammer works out some way of draining the faucet rapidly, it's hard to keep it open for other people.