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20 Jan 2019 Note: Wiki translations are on hold for now, for months or maybe a year or more.

There are two translation projects being tracked here:

  • Wiki A: The four most important wiki pages
  • Chatbots: Some of them, anyway
Project   Wiki A Chatbots
Language/Page Lingua Main page Glossary Overview Wallet WCG link Betting FunCoins
Bosnian Босански, Bosanski              
Bulgarian български език              
Chinese Traditional 漢語         yes    
Croation Hrvatski              
Danish Dansk         yes    
Dutch Nederlands         yes    
Estonian Eesti              
Farsi فارسی         yes    
Filipino Wikang Filipino              
French Français         yes    
German Deutsch         yes    
Greek Ελληνικά              
Hindi हिन्दी              
Hungarian Magyar         yes    
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia         yes    
Italian Italiano         yes    
Japanese 日本語         yes    
Korean 조선말, 한국어         yes    
Nigerian Pidgin Pidgin              
Polish Polski              
Romanian Română              
Russian Русский         yes    
Spanish Español         yes    
Tagolog Tagolog         yes    
Turkish Türkçe              
Urdu (India) اُردُو              
Yoruba Èdè Yorùbá