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Here’s your chance to get more Bytes

Since the airdrop, almost 70,000 Steem users have linked their Steem username to their Byteball wallet. 5,400 GBYTE was distributed to users while 8,500 GBYTE are locked in smart contracts to be released next year.

To encourage users to explore the Byteball platform and the possibilities it offers, Byteball hereby announces a contest in creating innovative use cases during the contest period. Steem users are encouraged to compete.

Main prizes

  • 1st place: 10 GBYTE
  • 2nd place: 5 GBYTE
  • 3rd place: 2 GBYTE

Weekly prizes

Users are encouraged to share their progress on their Steem blog. Every Sunday during the contest period (Sept 2, 9, 16, 23), a jury of Byteball staff and veterans will pick the most interesting, promising, fun, ingenious or remarkable progress report and the user will be rewarded with 1 GBYTE. The weekly winner will be announced in a weekly contest update posted on the @Byteball blog[1]. All prizes will be transferred to the wallet used when paying the entry fee.

How to participate

To join the contest, participants pay an entry fee of 25 MB. The entry fee must be paid from a publicly attested Steem user’s Byteball wallet. This allows us to keep track of participants and to follow your progress on your blogs. All entry fees are added to the prize pool and distributed on a 10:5:2 ratio between the prizes.

Send your 25 MB entry fee from your publicly-attested Steem address to EPZEMB73FGY7O6XMTGA2SFQIDUUV4NT5

What is a Use-a-Thon?

You have probably heard about hack-a-thons, where developers and engineers develop new features for a given product by altering code, hardware or tweaking the product.

A Use-a-Thon doesn’t require development or engineering skills. The aim is to explore, experiment and apply the existing features to solve a real-world problem or fulfill an existing need either online or offline in a local community. So while creating new chat bots and oracles is an option, it’s not required at all. A previous Byteball Use-a-Thon proved that users are able to apply the platform to real-world use cases without knowing programming or underlying technologies at all.

What is a use case?

A use case is a real-world problem or need that can be addressed with the given tool. Some (but not all) examples could be: introducing smart contracts to enable trustless value exchange between two parties, a web-based mini-game, disrupting an existing market, creating a new service allowing Byteball users to purchase products, allowing Steem users to send tips to each other, creating a private token to be used in an incentive program, or even creating a small business that potentially generates profit for you.

Basically, anything goes as long as it involves using the Byteball platform and its features.

When is the contest?

NOW! From the date of this announcement, users can join by paying the entry fee. You can enter as an individual or gather a team to help explore, develop and realize your use case. Each participant is free to create more than one entry.

The contest ends 30 September 2018, 11:59:59 UTC. You must create a post on your blog by this date, describing your use case, current progress, plan for realization, milestones and any relevant information allowing the Jury to evaluate your project. The post must be in English, with the title “Byteball Use-a-Thon: [plus your own title]”, start with a summary (150 words or less), and then the additional information as described above. First tag must be “#byteball” and second tag must be “#useathon”.

After the deadline, a Jury consisting of @Punqtured, @Slackjore, @Tarmo888 and @Suirelav will evaluate all contributions and determine the winners, who will be announced about a week later.

Where can I get more information?

With a constantly growing community, there is a vast library of available resources. Here are some relevant resources:

Additional resources for techies:

Known participants

User/Link to blog Registered address/Link to 25 MB unit Notes
@lightsplasher I4DFPFSWUOYAS4D3VN3KJ5BFI74W3L62 blog post #1
@grow-pro JIBCMLOKLO26JAMKA36OCNPAZCJ4ZSDD blog post #1
@drsensor ZO3JNGYEKG7AH4YKV43EHEK5YEAVJ4IF blog post #1, #2, #3, 9 Sept 1 GB award
@genievot D6Z5A3AC4O7IMFBKUNUDMFL33SGE5J2Z blog post #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, 2 Sept 1 GB award, 23 Sept 1 GB award
@chrisaiki ENDVW3WYOMFG5BY5BWO5CVZSUQY3FPHB blog post #1
@altcoinb NFJ7Z6DRYWT3P277JQQ7XAU3TMPPOR76 blog post #1, #2, #3
@malos10 OFPKEGARWOZ6VPTB4GV5QGCNBC4DLDCN blog post #1, #2, #3,#4, 16 Sept 1 GB award
@onlinegamer O6DXROJ6AP5BLOVUBN3F3CBSYFXYBJKF blog post #1
@dialsamai LFUORYRT7YQY4SVLW476JVNXFUXAZXIX blog post #1

Improper entries

These appear to be attempted entries, but aren't (yet) valid:

  • LW3RB3A6BYD646TA3NWCTCRF7N7HDZ2J (only 25 KB paid)
  • MFKTFQ5K3FXEF3BF5H6WGIHRH6ILCN3U (only 25 bytes paid)
  • URP3QER4DDV5PO22D6ROIWHKGUMKZP7J (25 MB paid but from private attestation)
  • T5JGZZ5PE7J52TUJLPXT4C3T5EHS65SH (only 25 KB paid)
  • N23PUSBENG3WDLL76VUI6J3C5G426I5L (25 MB paid but no Steem attestation from that address)

Weekly Updates on Byteball.org's blog on Steem

Final winners