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Use-a-Thon #1: See
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Use-a-Thon: A contest for innovative uses for off-the-shelf Byteball


The general idea is to come up with beneficial uses for the Byteball platform in a local community. There is a competition format, with individuals or small teams competing for a monetary prize. Entries will be submitted in English, and judged by Byteball veterans. Ongoing help will be available to any team, in writing, but such answers will also be visible to all the other teams too.


  • A university: University people are the local co-ordinators, whether faculty or student council members or as appropriate. At least one of them must speak good English, and will be the main person in touch with "Byteball Competition Central", and will be expected to help the teams register. A local faculty member will have final approval of the teams. Local promotion may get done by the local Student Council, or as possible.
  • An online community, such as Steem.


Prior familiarity with Byteball is not essential, but obviously the individual/team must rapidly discover what is possible and not possible to do with tokens on the platform.

Team make-up will vary depending on the circumstances.

Use-a-Thon Tokens


There are two tokens created specially for Byteball Use-a-Thons:

  • Prizewinner:[1] For the main prize winners
  • Honourable Mention:[2] Awarded at the organizers' discretion for an outstanding contribution


  • See the presentation linked just below, including three videos showing Byteball features
  • Download the platform/wallet from, get millions of free tokens from the fun-coins faucet in the wallet, and enough Bytes (Byteball currency) for transaction fees from @Punqtured or @Slackjore or some other local person, and try out things
  • Contestants may ask questions directly on the Byteball Slack^ at (Channel #byteball_use-a-thon). Note that anyone can see these messages (there is no private help available). The four main people answering your Use-a-Thon questions are Punqtured, Tarmo888, Suirelav and Slackjore. They are all in the UK/EU time zones (UTC +1/+2), although others may be able to answer general Byteball questions when these four are not available
  • The rest of this wiki is very informative too.

^ To get on Slack, contestants can either:

  • Go through and click one of the social media buttons Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Linkedin. Depending on several factors (account age, number of followers etc.) you can get an immediate invite; otherwise you will receive an email from @cryptkeeper in which he will ask for other means of authentication. OR
  • Email Punqtured at from your registered account giving your name etc. Ask for the invitation. He will forward your info to @cryptkeeper.


[See individual Use-a-Thon pages for respective links]