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There are five main tabs in the group: Home, Receive, Send, History differ for each individual wallet; and Chat is common across all your wallets.


The different features for this wallet, this currency. Note that the main menu (top left) shows:

  • The version number
  • Each separate main wallet in the wallet group
  • ADD WALLET Create a new wallet
  • PAIRED DEVICES Co-signers for multisig
  • SETTINGS Global preferences
Left Center Right
Main/"Hamburger" menu Name of Main wallet, with a drop-down menu for sub-wallets (smart wallets) Button for camera to scan QR codes
Wallet balance, for example 71.305 MB
Value in USD if bytes/blackbytes
Also [balance] in smart wallets {link}
ooooo (radio buttons, one for each currency you have)
First letter of name Wallet name
If Smart Wallet, address 7CWV4...
Cogwheel menu
Tabs for Home | Receive | Send | History | Chat


Shows the QR code for your current Receive address. Click the "Generate new address" button to get a new one. These addresses don't expire: you can still receive payments to a previous address if you have generated new ones. Note that the same Receive address can be used for more than one currency: Bytes, Tangos, TitanCoins, "Kisses by Sarah Sweetbrush", whatever.

Request a specific amount

This will generate a special QR code that will automatically fill in the amount field in the payer's Send screen with the amount you specify. Note it only works with bytes (and MB etc), and no other currency.

Claim funds using textcoin

Fill in the 12 seed words separated by dashes to import the funds from a textcoin.


See Send article.


Shows each transaction, sent or received, latest on top. Note this history is only for the currency selected in your Send screen. So if you have five currencies there will be five different histories.

Click on a transaction for more details.

Detailed view

  • +/- [Amount]
  • (If sent by you) To Address
  • (If received by you) From Address, To (your) Address
  • To email (if sent to an attested email)
  • Date/time
  • (If sent by you) Fee [for example, 588 bytes (=$0.00013)]
  • Unit number (this links to the transaction on Explorer)
  • Finality (Confirmed or Unconfirmed)


Divided into Contacts and Bot Store.


Shows, in alphabetical order along with their device number, all the devices your wallet is paired with, with which you can:

  • have end-to-end-encrypted chat
  • create and execute smart contracts.

At the bottom of the list are links for:

  • Add a new device
  • Remove a device.

Bot Store

See Chatbot article for a list and description of the available bots.