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Real-name attestation reward

Every new user who successfully verifies himself for the first time will receive $12 in Bytes from the distribution fund. With $8 they have to spend for verification, it is net $4. The amount seems large enough to care about but not too large to bother about instadumping.

Real-name attestation is available only for single-address wallets, and to avoid confusion, starting with version 2.1, the default ("Small expenses") wallet of new users is created as single-address (nothing changes for old users). Users can still easily add another wallet and make it multi-address for better privacy. The second wallet is not linked to the user’s verified identity and can be used anonymously.[1]

The real-name attestation reward is held in a smart contract and paid after a year.[2]

Real-name attestation referral reward

By referring a new user, the referrer also receives $20 after the referred verifies himself. The main purpose of this referral reward is to encourage new Byteball users. The referrer must be also verified at this moment. Just like the attestation reward, the referral reward of $20 will be deposited to a smart contract with a 12 months vesting period and a two year expiration time. Restoring a wallet from seed will not bring back access to the contract. So remember to regularly make full backups.

Referral rewards don't get paid if the second person is performing attestation in the same wallet. It isn't a referral. A referral is getting a second person to install the Byteball wallet on his own device (smartphone or computer) and doing an attestation from that device/wallet, using Bytes received from the first person.


This address is used to pay real-name attestation and real-name referral rewards: https://explorer.byteball.org/#RJIUGYIVHM5TAZHU3ZPNTNZL5JF4JUTN[3]

Email attestation reward

See attestation article.

When email attestation is done for a whitelisted domain, there is an attestation reward of $10 in Bytes, paid only for the first attestation of each Byteball or email address.

Email attestation referral reward

If you attest your email address (not necessarily on a whitelisted domain) and then send Bytes to someone else who later uses these Bytes to pay for attestation of a whitelisted email, then the referred user receives the attestation reward and you receive a referral reward, which is also $10 in Bytes.[4]


This address is used to pay email attestation and email referral rewards: https://explorer.byteball.org/#UOYYSPEE7UUW3KJAB5F4Y4AWMYMDDB4Y

You can watch email attestations taking place in real time at https://byteball.co.

Multiple referrers

It can sometimes be difficult to tell who will get the reward if more people have sent bytes to the user performing the attestation. Therefore, if you want to be absolutely sure you get the referral reward, ask the user to create a new (single-address) wallet that has no bytes in it. Send your bytes to that wallet and ask the user to perform the attestation from that wallet.

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