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This is just for fun, no prizes, to test your general knowledge of the platform. Nothing really technical. The answers are in the referenced/footnoted articles.


Only one answer is correct in each the following questions:

1.[1] Which of these can you not create and send in the regular wallet?

  1. Family tokens
  2. Social tokens
  3. Commercial tokens
  4. Plastic tokens
  5. Fun-coins

2.[2] Which of these could not be personal tokens in your wallet?

  1. 5 Kisses by Sarah Sweetbrush
  2. 2 Lambo rides by Elon Tassle
  3. 6 Guitar Lessons by TedTheShred
  4. 45 Listening Minutes from Charity Wilson
  5. 10 Fierce Microbrews by Al Schlitz

3.[3] Which of these could you have in your platform on one device?

  1. Small Expenses Wallet, Savings Wallet, no others possible
  2. As many as you want, all with custom names
  3. Up to 5, choose from 24 fixed names

4.[4] Which of these could you not send as a textcoin?

  1. Blackbytes
  2. Tangos
  3. TitanCoins

5.[5] Where are you not able to buy/sell blackbytes?

  1. Bittrex
  2. BEEB chatbot in your wallet [now discontinued]
  3. Freebe chatbot in your wallet
  4. Byteball Slack channel #trading_blackbyte

6.[6] The Byteball live network was launched on:

  1. January 3, 2009
  2. December 25, 2016
  3. April 1, 2017

7.[7] The current Byteball slogan is:

  1. Byte me!
  2. Smart payments made simple
  3. The crypto that works right out of the box
  4. They talk. We deliver

8.[8] Which of these can't you put into the DAG with your regular wallet?

  1. A transaction for 375.44 Zangos
  2. “I feel good today”
  3. A low-quality picture of your cat

9.[9] Which of these is not possible with the regular platform?

  1. End-to-end encrypted text chat with any paired device
  2. Sports betting on next week's major fixtures
  3. Getting nine million Tingos in five minutes free from a faucet bot
  4. Exchanging Ethereum for Dash via a bot with no ID needed
  5. Getting a regional weather forecast