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PolloPollo is an Obyte project run by Casper Niebe to:

  • Facilitate charitable donations being used as the donor intended, initially in Venezuela
  • Showcase the use of standard Obyte tools to do this


The project website at www.pollopollo.org is online, but not yet fully up to speed.

  • Here is a short 2-minute video in English explaining how the platform works


On 5 June 2019 a grant proposal[1] was submitted to improve the website. The intro:

The real-world PolloPollo project aims to show how a charity platform built on Obyte, by eliminating the need for trust in intermediaries, would allow a donor to see his money being spent as intended. This is not currently possible and would disrupt the entire global charity industry.

A minimum viable product was realized by students from IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark as part of a course. Since launch, the platform has proven to work, and the project is ready to move to the next level.

The grant was approved. The detailed website improvements are listed in four phases. To date (Feb 2020), Phase 1 has been completed, and Phase 2 is ongoing.

Independent witness

On 6 Feb 2020, PolloPollo was announced as the 4th default independent witness (order provider).[2]

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