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Welcome to the Obyte Wiki. See first a one-page OVERVIEW, the GLOSSARY, and the WALLET page. See ALL PAGES here.


Obyte, formerly Byteball, now listed on CoinMarketCap[1] as simply Obyte, is a DAG-based cryptocurrency developed by Anton (Tony) Churyumov.

This wiki is aimed at general cryptocurrency users, as well as Obyte users, who want to become better informed about Obyte.

The wiki content is currently generated by invited contributors, and not randomly.


All content of this wiki is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Latest News

  • Aug 1: "What's next for Obyte" blog launched[2]
  • Jul 18: Autonomous Agents protocol upgrade released on Testnet[3]
  • Jun 11: Version 2.7.2 released[4]
  • Apr 30: Obyte Foundation Establishment announced[5]
  • Apr 20: Version 2.7.0 released. Includes prosaic contracts.[6]