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Important Obyte interviews. There is also a wiki videos page.

Video interviews with Tony

  • Coin Interview Episode 27 Anton Churyumov of
  • Date: 2016-10-14
  • Length: 58:16 
  • 👨‍👦 Exclusive Interview with the Obyte Founder Tony Churyumoff (Part 1) 🔒 Legends of Crypto
  • What is Byteball? Who is its founder? What's the story behind Byteball? How is it different from Bitcoin? What are its advantages? What is DAG and how does Byteball compare to IOTA and RaiBlocks? What are the USPs of Byteball?
  • Interview: Grilling Tony "Byteball" Churyumoff - Legends of Crypto
  • Date: Published: August 8, 2018
  • Length: 43:30

Audio interviews with Tony

Crypto Talk "made in Germany" - Blockchain, Crypto Themen, ICO/Token Sales  

  1. 009 Tony Churyumoff - #Byteball[1]

Written interviews with Tony (brief summary with link only)

  • Byteball: Exclusive Interview with developer tonych in English  | Altcoin Spekulant 2016-10-06[2]
  • Interview with Anton Churyumov and how blockchain enables trust | HuffPost -- Saeed Ashif Ahmed, Contributor 2017-11-08[3]
  • Interview with Mr. Churyumov and how he thinks about witness and distribution of Byteball | Byteball Japan 2017-11-24[4]

Other interviews (brief summary with link only)

  • Byteball Interview (Part 1): Crypto of the 3rd generation, Witnesses, IOTA vs. BYTEBALL | Techburst -- Interview with @CryptKeeper Part 1[5]
  • Byteball Interview (Part 2): Technical Strengths, Blackbytes, Distribution Rounds and Cashback System | Techburst -- Interview with @CryptKeeper Part 2[6]

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