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Interesting article. Note the two cross-blockchain references: one of my interests is Byteball/Bitcoin interoperability to some extent despite the incompatible architectures.

So, what do I MEAN by Byteball/Bitcoin interoperability? Right this second it's pretty hazy to me, so let's try and work it out. It's relatively easy now -- and will get easier -- to sell one currency and buy the other, so I mean something more than that. The general idea is for users familiar with one space to be able to access the other space without the necessity of as steep a learning curve as a noob to that space would encounter. It's likely to be for one-off uses: if it's going to be a lot, the user will learn the platform proper.


There's a wide, wide gulf between a cryptofan's skillset (in the cryptospace) and a normie. Dash is trying very hard to overcome this with Evolution. Is there some way to Overlay the BB wallet with a more user-friendly interface? Is this relevant to BB/BTC interop? Two separate problems, or related? Note any overlay cannot be web-based. It's a Shell, so gonna be an app or an add-on to existing wallet(s).

Why crypto space better than Web?

Security: more certainty that what you see/pay isn't fake/hacked.

Example uses

BTC space, BB injection

  • Millions of merchants accept Bitcoins, especially with LN, but don't accept BB. So I want a Shell where BBUser selects a merchants shopping cart, pays in BB, and the merchant gets BTC.
  • I'm more interested in BTC users being able to get easy access to the BB space, because it will boost BB. Actually, it could swamp BB, but let's assume a gradual ramping up of interest.